Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reasons I Love Babywearing

Since I got an Ergobaby carrier almost 2 years ago I have fallen in love with babywearing.  I bring my Ergo everywhere I go with the kids and still wear Peanut even from time to time, although she is closing in fast on the 40lbs limit.  I have been wearing Squirt in our Ergobaby Organic carrier with an infant insert since he was a week old and it has been fantastic.  Here are the top 6 reasons I love to wear my kids, because I couldn't pick just five.

6.  Its a pretty darn good view for little people.

Wearing Squirt at a month old and supervising
the older two.
Have you been to the zoo or a museum with anyone under 3.5ft tall?  Its kind of obnoxious.  All the exhibits are really designed for big people to look at.  The constant "Uppy!  Uppy!  Uppy!" from my 30lb toddler followed by the inevitable struggle 5 minutes later to get down makes my back scream.  Babywearing is a great way to get him up where he can see in a way that is comfortable for me.  That is of course accompanied by the warning that if he wants to get down he's not getting back up because I'm not playing this Babywear-Walking Yo-Yo game that toddlers love.

5.  I know where my kids are.

If my child is attached to my chest or back, I can't lose him.  Babywearing is perfect for crowded events where strollers are a pain to get around with, but I want to keep my kids close.  Knowing my kids are close and safe brings my stress level down and lets me enjoy things (or stress about something else... like catching a plane!)
Peanut really wanted in on the babywearing.

4.  Off-roading.

Walking in circles on a track is boring.  Strolling around the neighborhood is okay.  I seriously love hiking though -- uphill, downhill, over fallen trees, across streams.  Babywearing is perfect for taking my kids with me.  And when the big ones get tired they can take turns on my back.

3.  Quiet baby.

Its utter magic when my son quiets and falls asleep on my chest.  At least I can get one of the children quiet without much effort.  Did I mention I can still do other things while he sleeps?

2.  Two free hands.

Munchkin wearing his lovey in a kids' Ergo 
Food prep in the kitchen?  Toddler with a boo boo needs to be held?  Grocery shopping?  Sweeping?  Vacuuming?  Need to carry more things than humanly possible because I'm a mom and that's what I do?  Got it.  All while carrying my baby too.

1.  Easy on my back.

I started babywearing with an ErgoBaby Sport Carrier after I herniated a disc so I could hold Munchkin without hurting.  I was literally terrified of babywearing because I didn't want to aggravate my back but found it to be a comfortable, ergonomic, and pain-free way to hold my son.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the front carry with Squirt hasn't bothered my back even though he was a whopping 10lbs at birth and now weighs 19lbs.  If you ever have been unable to hold your child, you'll understand how amazing it is when you can hold them.

There is one thing that would make babywearing better: being able to pee standing up.  Every time Hubs walks into the mens' room wearing Squirt and walks out 2 minutes later completely relieved, hands washed, and Squirt content on his chest, I get penis envy.  Peeing with an infant in tow is a 20 minute minimum endeavor for me with a carrier, if I can accomplish it in the first place.  Tips?

Disclaimer: I was provided an ErgoBaby Organic Collection Bundle of Joy by ErgoBaby because they are awesome.  This in now way has influenced my opinion of the ErgoBaby carrier or babywearing in general, and the views expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. We just got an Ergo (it was on sale on Zulilly) and I'm a proud baby-wearing mama now too!! They are pricey but SOOO worth the investment! And by the way, your kids wearing the carrier are absolutely adorable :)