Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diapering Babyzilla: Intro

One question I see frequently on cloth diapering forums is "should I invest in a newborn stash if I'm expecting a big baby?".  I pondered the same with my most recent pregnancy.  My first two babies were 8lbs each.  I did not cloth diaper either child from birth -- Peanut was first cloth diapered at 18mos, and Munchkin at a week or two old.  Small gDiapers worked just fine for Munchkin -- a fact I had forgotten in my ooing and ahhing over teeny tiny newborn diapers.  I ultimately decided to dive in and invest in a newborn stash -- after all they might be the only new diapers Squirt gets to wear.

Well our tiny newborn, Squirt AKA Babyzilla, weighed in at 10lbs2oz when he arrived.  I had packed my hospital bag full of teeny newborn cloth diapers and sitting in the delivery room I wasn't so sure they were going to fit.  Good news is that they did!  The following series will hopefully shed some light on the pros and cons of newborn cloth for large babies.  Squirt's newborn stash consists of small gDiapers, Grovia NB AIOs, AI2s and fitteds made using the free Rocket Bottoms NB cloth diaper pattern, newborn/small AI2s made using the Rocket Bottoms Totally Squared pattern, NB quick snap flat wraps, Swaddlebees Mini Nappi, a size small Bummis cover, NB covers made from the Babyville Boutique pattern, a OS Happy Heiny, and a OS Bumgenius Flip.  Some fit great from the start, and some did not.  Follow along and I'll give you the skinny!

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