Sunday, September 9, 2012

Biiicycle! Biiiiicycle!

I would have posted the official video, but that's not exactly family friendly.  I might have just listened to the whole song for the first time a few minutes ago too...

On to the point of it all.  It seems the upstate was made for bicycles, or at least the parts we live/work in.  Shortly before moving up here I jumped on a Burley trailer (Encore I think) I found on craigslist.  Best craigslist find yet.  Its fairly easy to pull even with 55lbs of kid and handles the pot holes and railroad tracks around here like a champ.  It is tough to drag up hill -- or worse, get a start on a hill -- but not impossible.

Once we got the trailer, I of course needed a bike.  Three bike shops later I found a nice Giant Sedona.  It sits upright, has front shocks, and most importantly comes standard with the kind of seat I would want to sit on for three hours.  I can also ride it for an hour without back pain, which is a small miracle.

As for actually getting on the road, our little town is perfect for that.  The roads in our neighborhood are two lane and insanely generous and the hills are gentle for the most part.  Added bonus, folks don't drive like maniacs around here *cough*Columbia*cough*.  The recreation complex (PLAYGROUND!) is a 10 minute bike ride away.  We are two blocks and 4 sets of railroad tracks from downtown.  During the summer we braved the heat and rode our bikes to the grocery store and the post office regularly -- a whopping 8 minute ride.  I've been more reluctant since school started, but on nice cool mornings a bike ride to the rec complex is not out of the question.

As for Greenville... oh my does that city love bikes.  When I first heard the buzz about Swamp Rabbit Trail I was picturing mud, trees, and rocks.  Boy was I wrong.  It is greenway, or paved trail that passes mostly through undeveloped natural surroundings and acts as a walking/biking highway for the city of Greenville.  It will eventually stretch from Travelers Rest to Fountain Inn and is only a small part of one huge system of bike/walking trails that the city has planned.  Hopping on the SRT for an after school ride is one of my favorite things to do... when I have time.  I hope to get my kids up there one morning or afternoon for a ride so they can enjoy the scenery.  Shoot, might as well take the hubs too.

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