Saturday, June 16, 2012

Men in skirts

Izzy loves skirts about as much as I do
but sometimes she just HAS to wear one.
Even when its REALLY cold.
I hate skirts.  I always have, even though my mom will tell you she has a home video that will dispute that.  I'm sure there were some bicycle shorts underneath that plaid 90s inspired skirt.  I wore skirts in high school because the uniform shorts looked like the discarded offspring of Grannie panties and boyshorts.  I brought a few skirts with me to piano camp because we had to dress nicely for the mandatory concerts.  Otherwise I have avoided skirts like the plague, opting for raggedy jeans and knee length shorts in the summer time.

It has taken 6 summers of 100 degrees blanketed in 100% humidity, but the South has finally converted me.  Now, don't take that statement the wrong way -- this has nothing to do with the religious or social climate in the South and everything to do with the actual climate. Its darned hot here and I don't feel like denim colored paint-on shorts with my butt cheeks hanging out are really my thing.  Skirts flatter in a conservative way while allowing the lower half my body to practice evaporative cooling unhindered.

Those Scots really had it figured out.  Not only could they moon their opponents playfully before battle, but they could also keep their body at a comfortable temperature whilst cutting off heads -- who doesn't want that?

In related news, Japan implemented a special summer dress code for the office to help save energy.  It reminds me of casual Friday in Hawaii, minus the surfboards and shorts.  I have a better suggestion -- why not capitalize on the wisdom of their ancestors and wear kimono?  Yah, it looks like something your grandparents would wear (because they probably did), but maybe they had a good reason to, at least in the summer.  Its formal and comfortable -- what a concept!  Just avoid bicycles.

So, in the name of saving the earth, how many men will be donning a skirt this summer?  Anyone?

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