Monday, April 16, 2012

(Modern) Cloth Diapering 101

Real Simple Real Diapers Blog Hop
This blog post was written as part of the Real Simple, Real Diapers Blog Hop celebrating Real Diapers Week, Apr 16th-21st, 2012.

In case you missed it in my previous post, prefolds, pins, and rubber pants are kind of out-dated.  There are some people who still use prefolds and pins for diapering, but I haven't heard of anyone who uses rubber pants today (my mom and MIL sure did though!).  I think the #1 use for Gerber prefolds today are as burp cloths though and most pins have been relegated to *usually and ironically disposable* diaper cake decorations and other crafts.  

So what do you use instead?  

That is a dangerous question.

AIOs, AI2s, snappis, fitteds, flats, semi-fitteds, OS, hybrids, PUL covers, wool covers, WI2s, AI3s, pockets, liners, prefolds, semifolds, QSFW, SWQSFW (for real), woolies, skirties, shorties, longies, footies, fleece, bamboo inserts, microfiber inserts, hemp inserts, cotton inserts, stay dry inserts, doublers... its as dizzying as learning a programming language or trying to follow a basketball game (the latter of which I will never be able to do unless it is 1/2 speed -- hence my love for football).

I could sit here and regurgitate all the wonderful information available on the web in my own words... or I could give you links to them and some words of encouragement.  For sanity's sake I will give you links and encouragement.  First the encouragement.

1.  If you want to cloth diaper, you can cloth diaper.  Shoot, I didn't even have a washing machine and I made it work.  Don't let anything stop you.
2.  If you only use one cloth diaper a day, a week, or a month, you are making a difference.  In fact, you are a hero.  So don't ever feel like you have to go all or none for any reason.

Glossary Wondering what that word salad above means?
Padded Tush Stats provides an excellent cloth diaper glossary that is constantly growing with new submissions.
Dirty Diaper Laundry has a wonderful list with some pictures too!  Surf the rest of their site for more info about cloth diapers and reviews.

Washing Diapers
It can be done.  Just Add Cloth has a good overview.
I'll be posting later in the week about how I wash cloth diapers.

Blogs About Cloth Diapers (a few)
The Cloth Diaper Whisperer has regular posts from many different cloth diapering parents
The Cloth Diaper Geek is fun to read and I personally find solidarity with other geeky moms.

Other Online Resources
The Real Diaper Association of course!  They have some great resources on their website to get you started.

Local Resources
If you live in the Midlands of South Carolina, check out Carolina Cloth.  Leslie, the owner, will even meet with you so you can see modern cloth diapers in person.
Live somewhere else?  Start snooping your town!  Search the Real Diaper Association directory for a cloth diaper circle near you.  You can also search and Facebook for local cloth diapering groups.  Ask fellow parents and babysitters if they know anyone who used/uses cloth.  You will be surprised what you will find, and being able to talk face to face with a person is invaluable.

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