Wednesday, August 10, 2011



In both senses of the word. The more negative connotation is actually part of the reason why I chose this challenge. Attaching a suction cup to your chest for 30 minutes at a time is hard to get excited about. I'd rather breastfeed my son without a cover while standing in the middle of a crowded room holding a conversation with someone than retreat to a quiet corner with my little beeping machine. I figured if I was doing it for someone else besides my child it might be more bearable. Just a little bit.

Actually, all it has done is keep me motivated. When Johnny was a newborn I started pumping shortly after my milk came in so I never down-regulated appropriately. The result was 122oz of frozen milk in the first two weeks and persistent engorgement. After stockpiling so much I became lazy. Sometimes I wouldn't bother to pump if I was out and John had to give Johnny a bottle. I'd rather be engorged until his next feeding than sit down for 20 minutes. We blasted clear though those 122oz. Recently though I've been making an effort to pump a little extra. The closest HMBANA bank has a minimum requirement of 100oz, so my goal is to have 100oz of excess milk stored in the freezer by the end of the month. That's just 5 extra ounces a day for the rest of the month. I have no idea how much we have in the fridge at the moment -- I just know that I've been keeping a little ahead of Johnny since school started Monday. I have a good feeling about it though.

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