Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Month in Review

Oi vey.  This month has gone by too fast.  And now comes the time when I peek in the freezer and find... frozen vegetables, beef, some chicken, and berries.  No milk.

It turns out churning out an extra 5 oz a day is harder than it sounds.  I figured since Johnny was starting solids that would cut out a feeding a day.  I could pop that feeding in the freezer and I'd have 100oz in no time.  Instead he finds it is a good excuse to eat some more, hence his 22lbs, 6month old self.  Fiddlesticks.  Instead of having extra I've been struggling to keep up resulting in midday milk runs.

I think I am going to put this challenge on hold and try again in a few months.  Eat some oatmeal, drink some tea, and let his appetite for milk wane a little bit.  Right now I think the stress of pumping for more than one is too much.

On the upside, washing our diapers by hand is still going well!  There have been some bumps along the way -- we had some bad build up from a non-cloth-diaper-friendly detergent that took some serious stripping to get rid of.  After classes started I had to get used to getting up early to fit in a double load of diapers before going to school.  Our side of the building only gets sunshine in the morning, so we have to get the diapers out early to get maximum UV exposure.  With the brisk wind and dry air we've had lately, the diapers have been dry by mid-afternoon -- perfect.  The highlight of the summer thought was my discovery of bamboo fleece.  It is infinitely softer than the hemp, wash after wash.  I'm in love.  I also found adding vinegar to the (cold) rinse not only made the hemp come out softer, but it also helps the detergent rinse out quicker.  A lifesaver.

Speaking of detergent, I'm the guest blogger on Rockin' Green's blog this week!  So head over there and check it out!  They are our detergent of choice (and not because they sent us a fabulous bag of their Remix, although we appreciate it).  It smells yummy, rinses out easily, doesn't give anyone in my house a rash, and is my go to detergent for getting out tough stains.  This weekend I used it to get blueberry stains out of Izzy's light pink pants.  You wouldn't know she sat on blueberries for 15 minutes from looking at her pants.  I also use it off label for scrubbing the grout in the bathroom.  The best part is my clothes smell like nothing coming off the drying rack.  Just the way I like them.

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