Monday, August 15, 2011


You know that scene in Spaceballs where Lone Star, Dot, Barf, and the princess are walking across the desert and Lone Star and Barf are saying "water...water...water", Dot is saying "oil...oil...oil", and the princess is saying "room service"?  That's what I feel like some days.  Actually most days.  Especially this weekend.
I was working move-in, which meant I spent the entire day Saturday sitting outside in the hot, humid sun wearing long pants, boots, and too many shirts.  By 10am I could feel the sweat rolling down between my shoulder blades and creeping past the curve in my back to pool on my shirt just above my belt.  Gross, yah?  Luckily I have this totally awesome Contigo water bottle with a built in carribbeaner and an automatic seal and... wait, what?  You said I left it at home? Well $#@%.
Under normal circumstances this would be no big deal, but as I have discovered the thirst of a lactating woman is insatiable.  There was an info table giving out free 8oz bottles of water, and the health center table had a snow cone machine, but neither of these were really enough.  I mean, come on -- 8oz is what I give my daughter when she's thirsty.  I am a fully grown woman with an active pair of camel humps for my son.  My usual goal for the day is 120oz.  That's 15 8oz bottles.  I don't have enough pockets for that.
I think I did manage to snag 8 small bottles throughout the day, and I got a Gatorade bottle that I refilled a few times, but it was ridiculously wasteful going through all those bottles, and I felt like a crack addict -- is that water?  A bottle of water?  Can I have some?  Please?  Just one hit, I promise, then I'll leave you alone.
Meanwhile I forgot my cooler and had to dump what I pumped at lunchtime today.  One step back.  However, all Jhonny ate was what I pumped this morning.  One step forward.  I also managed to keep up with him on Saturday, and even get ahead a little bit.  Another step forward.  Keep up like this and I'll get to 100 eventually :)

BTW, I LOVE my Contigo.  Its very easy to use, has a built in carribbeaner so I can clip it on anything, has a wide opening for ice, and has a button you press to open it for drinking, which means no more spills and no more toddler pouring out my water.  It also makes it very easy to pour water from my bottle into my daughter's sippy cup on the go.  Only downside is it's top heavy when empty.  I've knocked it over countless times during a lecture or meeting attracting numerous death stares.  I still haven't learned to lay it on the floor when empty.

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