Friday, July 1, 2011

June Wrap Up

So the beginning of June I set the following goals for our family:

  • Switch completely to cloth inserts -- no more flushables at day or night, even when I'm feeling lazy :)
  • Devise a night time all-cloth solution for my supersoaker son
  • Switch to cloth wipes
  • Sort out our washing routine -- I feel an experiment with hand washing coming on

I'm happy to say that I think we have hit all these marks.  We've been using the fitteds I made with fleece covers overnight for Johnny with much success.  The fitted diapers are pocket style so they dry easily and we've found stuffing them with 2 inserts works well.  The fleece cover keeps Johnny's clothes from getting soaked and everyone is happy.  We still have the flushables around and I did use them this week to help battle Izzy's rash.  She still has a bit of a rash that keeps coming back.  I might have to strip the inserts and try adding Funk Rock to our washing routine.  Or we could just potty train her.  As for cloth wipes, John and I have been using them every day for every change.  I like them a lot better than the disposables.  Finally, the wash routine: I think this is always going to be a challenge, but I feel as though I have more of a handle on it.  The RNG is getting our inserts clean beyond belief -- after a 10-15 minute soak and several rinses the stains are usually gone.  Tougher stains have sunned out in the time it takes for the inserts to dry.  I actually prefer the hand-washing to our washing machines downstairs.  I know our inserts are getting cleaned and rinsed thoroughly.  Sometimes it is better to just do things yourself!  

I promise there is a video on hand-washing planned.  I forgot that shooting video is not like shooting photos and I filmed everything in portrait when it needs to be in landscape.  Oops.

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