Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 11, July

Good meals have been plentiful this week. I found an excellent recipe for Edamame and Blueberry Salad. Except I didn't really follow it. But I never follow recipes. Not even my own. Anyway, it still tasted good.
I thawed some frozen edamame, peas, and speckled butter beans in the microwave then tossed them in a vinagarette of olive oil, rice vinegar, some maple syrup, some of my Gramma's blackberry jam, and some brown mustard (couldn't taste the mustard... probably don't need it). After it cooled I threw in the blueberrys and some chopped fresh mint and basil. Nom. I loved it, although I think I added too much olive oil. I'd make sure there is as much or more of the other ingredients as olive oil. The awesome thing is that this salad is low in calories, low in fat, and high in fiber and tastiness.
Tonight was Southwest Chicken Salad. John cooked up a lot of chicken last night and seasoned it with lemon juice. Makes for some tasty chicken on its own, but its not very southwesterny. So I sauteed some onions in paprika and jalapeno powder. Yay for a kick! Add some toasted corn torillas with melted cheese and we're good to go. Izzy stuck with her carrots and salsa. Not feeling adventurous tonight. She did try the chicken last night though -- after some encouragement.

In other news, the Cloth Wipes Challenge from Mama on a Green Mission is going spectacularly. I'm definitely a fan of our bamboo french terry wipes over the cotton ones though -- so much softer. I might have to get some more french terry to make wipes and some robes. John has been fawning ever so slightly over the bamboo robes my mom and I made for the kids :) I have to admit -- they are pretty awesome.

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