Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 8... ish

I think we've worked most of the kinks out of our wash routine, and I'm finally caught up on the diaper laundry.  John is getting ideas of grandeur -- now he wants to do all our laundry by hand.  While I admire his penny-pinching ways, we will have to see if we have the time.

Meanwhile I made two soakers tonight from Katrina's Pattern, one medium and one large.  The first one took a little over an hour to make, the second 45 minutes.  The best part was that I used an old fleece blanket that I'm not particularly fond of to make the soakers.  There will be plenty more soakers to follow since I still have lots of blanket left.  Total cost: $0.  My favorite price.

Prince Charming is cooing -- can't miss out on cute baby time.  Pictures to follow.  Of the soakers.  Possibly of the cooing one.

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