Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 7

I've done... 4 loads of diaper laundry with the hand washer?  Three or four.  So far so good.  Drying in the sun has definitely helped, along with adding some vinegar to the wash.  A tablespoon of our regular Arm and Hammer detergent has been almost too much -- it takes a few extra rinses to get rid of the bubbles.  I just ordered some Rockin' Green detergent and hope it will work out well.  I've already been impressed with the samples I got from the Great Cloth Diaper Change so I'm getting good vibes.

Bad news is the water-squeezer-outer didn't really work and was a PITA to operate.  I took a bucket and drilled holes in the bottom, then drilled holes in a lid that was too small to fit over the bucket.  I threaded rope through the holes, put the wet inserts in the bottom, then pulled on the rope to squeeze the inserts between the lid and the bottom of the bucket.  Labor intensive, blister producing, and poor results.
Back to the drawing board, or in this case,  I found this instructable for a Non-Electric Laundry Press.  So I took my wash bucket, set it in the smaller bucket I had drilled holes in, and sat on it.  Worked great and definitely easier on my hands.

The diapers still take about 12-24 hrs to dry.  Setting them out in the sun helps a lot, but with the storms recently... can't do it every day.

I'm still working on an overnight solution for Johnny meanwhile.  We have lots of extra T-shirts so I think I might make a T-shirt fitted with a pocket and a polar fleece cover.  Or, if I can find some wool at Goodwill I could use that.

Whoops... I guess this is now Day 8.

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