Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5

Johnny and I took a trip back to Lowe's today to pick up a PVC-free plunger and a few other things.  I got an idea for a way to squeeze the water out of the inserts without tearing apart my hands!  It involves another, smaller bucket, rope, a lid, and power tools.  The last item makes it awesome.  It would have been more awesome had Lowe's still had the sparkley green buckets in stock.  

John and I put together the washing 'machine' and the water-squeezer-out-er today (Note to self: come up with a better name).  Right now I'm running them through their paces to figure out the best cleaning method.  Thankfully we have 5 days worth of diaper laundry to experiment on.  Yay?

Videos and pictures to following pending editing, splicing, and bettering by John.

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