Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24 -- Cloth Wipes Challenge, etc.

This will be short because I'm busy holding my breath during the CWS game :)

The wipes challenge is going well.  John and the kids got back into town yesterday and I was galavanting between work and the Keith Urban concert so I changed a total of two diapers in the first two days, both with cloth wipes.  However, we ran out of cloth wipes today!  I guess with two we need more than 9... oops.  I have to make some more tonight after the game.  We ended up having to use the Pampers Sensitive wipes for two changes.  It was a new package and we haven't used that specific brand in a long time and guess what -- BOTH kids broke out in a rash!  Thankfully we had a sample of diaper cream to use on Izzy, and Johnny started breaking out right before bath time.  They are both cleared up and I will be a wipe-making machine tonight if the sewing machine cooperates.

Otherwise, I've found soaking the diapers in RNG helps to get them cleaner.  I was just agitating for 5 minutes and it wasn't working too well.  Now I've been agitating a couple minutes, soaking for at least 10min, then agitating for 3-5 minutes.  Works better and less tiresome for me.

Bottom of the 9th.  Nail-biting time.


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