Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 22

So I've decided to take on the cloth wipes challenge from Mama on a Green Mission.  I had already planned on switching to cloth wipes and there is no time like the present, right?  I made up a wipes solution a couple days ago using my peri bottle from the hospital, filtered water, a little bit of baby soap, and some baby oil.  I made it like I cook, so there was no measuring involved.  I got some tea tree oil from Earthfare yesterday and added it to the wipes because we live in the south and mold and funk is part of life.  The tea tree oil is supposed to help with that.  For wipes I grabbed a dozen or so from the huge stash of baby washcloths from the hall closet.  The nice-almost-grown-up ones will not be touched, nor will the crocheted ones from my mom, pinky swear :).  I have my limits.

There's a twist though...

Today is the first day of the challenge, but Monday I was so rip-roarin' to go that I started using the cloth wipes right away and loved it.  Then yesterday my husband made plans for today to go to his mom's and take care of some stuff up there.  Catch: I'm working 3pm today until 7am tomorrow, and for some reason my boss won't let me take my kids on emergency calls.  Something about safety concerns...

So John left with kids in tow at 1pm today.  Disposable wipes and flushable inserts went along too because John doesn't want to deal with diaper laundry for the short time they will be gone, understandably.

So in summary, first day of the cloth wipes challenge: I changed one diaper and used one cloth wipe.  Fail.  However it was a monstrous set of EBF golden farts.  And I only had to use ONE wipe.  So I think that counts as an epic success :)


  1. I agree, that is success!! :) My hubby isn't using them YET either. :) I will eventually convert him! :) I am just making sure every diaper I change is with a cloth wipe. Sounds like that's what you did so you didn't fail because YOU used them!! Thanks so much for joining me on this challenge! :) You're baby is adorable, BTW!

  2. John IS using them at home actually (yay!) He just didn't want lug around the dirties for this trip :)
    And thanks :) He works hard at it, all day long ;)

  3. Keep at it. We love our CDs and cloth wipes, haven't used anything else in almost 3 1/2 years! Cloth wipes are good for more than bottoms too, hands, faces, runny noses... I can only imagine how much money they save in the long run!

  4. I am doing this cloth wipe challenge as well and changed my first poopy diaper with cloth wipes. just like you i was amazed that ALL that poop came off with just one wipe!

  5. @Zaira -- we are loving our cloth wipes too! I'll keep in mind to use them for noses, hands, and faces while out. We have towels on the table for hands and faces at home :)

  6. @Mehera Isn't it amazing!? I'm still shocked every time I have to change a poopy diaper.