Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 16

Late again.  Posting that is.  Don't get too excited ;)

We got our Rockin' Green in the mail, so the diapers are all soaking.  Lavendar Mint Revival... mmmm.  The kids are in disposable inserts in the meantime.  The water looks very grungy.  I'm not sure if that's a reflection on my diapers, our bathtub, or both.

I also ran up three soakers this afternoon using some awesome polar fleece I found in the remnant bin.  They are adorable if I do say so myself.  I have having scraps, so two of them have pockets.

Yah, take that Huggies!  My jean-look-alike-diapers are so much cooler than yours!  They are soft and cuddly, like a teddy bear.  You make a disposable feel like that!

My favorite by far is the one with the 'Hanes' waistband.  Again, need to make some more fitteds and make sure these work for Johnny overnight.  Might make some prefolds and invest in some snappis too.  After watching a how-to video I've realized they aren't nearly as scary as they look.  The pins are, but the snappis are not.  The only thing that bothers me is that the snappis don't 'snap'.  They hook.  Or grab.  Or something.  So shouldn't we be calling them 'hookis'?  or maybe 'pointis'?  or 'grabbis'?  I think Sharpie is rightfully taken. Might not go over well either.

My goal next week is to dig through our stack of wash cloths and separate out the cheap ones for butt-wiping duty, a noble and totally worthy cause.  We need to end our addiction to disposable wipes.  I found three in the laundry today.  To top it all off, Izzy is getting confused and put TP in the laundry hamper.  This has nothing to do with the fact she is two.

I'm also going to start looking at recipes for wipes solutions.  I'm thinking something with lavender oil because I would like to use the lavender oil to make a detangler/refresher for Izzy's and my hair.  If I can use it for two things, then its easier to swallow the price tag.  I can just remind myself how wonderfully useful it is :)  I've heard great things about tea tree oil too, so that might be involved.

Last note: we got a Boon Flo today -- it helps with filling the bucket and looks cool.  We were losing half the water coming out of the faucet while filling the bucket because I can't hold it close enough to the faucet to get all the water into our bucket without aggravating my back (I need Boeing to do some ergonomic restructuring in our bathroom... Dad?).  The Flo spits the water out so I can set the bucket down and still catch all the water.  Problem solved, world saved.  My work here is done for today.

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