Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15

First -- funny story.  We haven't done our laundry in a number of days, so we are weighed down with laundry.  We hung as much as we could to dry so the laundry racks were packed.  Thankfully it was pretty dry today so they were on the balcony.  I got the kids down for bed and I'm sitting at the computer and I notice some lightning -- better get the laundry inside.  As I get up to get the laundry I hear Johnny crying.  So I go get him and I walk back into the living room just in time to see the laundry racks slide across our balcony!  A huge gust of wind blew both of our racks to the end of the balcony.  We live in a corner apartment, so it almost blew them OFF the balcony!  I set Johnny down and rushed outside to get the clothes.  I did a quick once over and it doesn't look like we've lost anything, but if anyone happens to see some random clothes blowing about Columbia let us know!

Right now its raining and storming again.  Good, because it will help the night cool off.

In other news, the fitted pocket with the soaker worked great on Izzy overnight.  The fitted is drying -- then we'll give it a shot on Johnny.  Thankfully it did not get blown off the balcony.

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