Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cloth Wipes, Day 8; 30 Day Challenge, Day 29

The Cloth Wipes Challenge is still going well here!  Loving the wipes and we've now used them out and about several times.  After 3 changes in flushies with generous amounts of A&D and Aquaphor Izzy's rash is gone.  I made a new wipes solution with water, some baby shampoo, and a couple drops of lavender oil.  We have been using lavender oil in Izzy's detangler and in our hand wash and it hasn't been causing her problems so I have high hopes.  We'll see how it goes.

Johnny is still trucking along doing fine.  I went to put one of his 9mos outfits on and it wouldn't snap at the bottom... time to pull out the 12mos.  Whoever is sneaking him HGH needs to stop.  Fer real.

In other news, we've been happy with the hand washer and my arms are looking amazing.  Working on a video to sum up what we've learned this month regarding the hand washer.  Great plans for our next 30 day challenge -- revamping the way we eat!  Nom, nom.

If you're taking part in the Cloth Wipes Challenge, let us know how its going!  Challenging?  Fun?  In-between?

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  1. So glad it's going well! I am loving it! I seriously don't know why I never used them before this!! :)

    And yes, the babes need to stop growing! My little one started standing. (only for a few seconds, but wow!) He needs to slow down. :)