Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Days for Change -- June

There are many things we'd like to change in our lives -- eating habits, energy consumption, exercise... the list goes on.  John and I have finally decided to do something about it all, Catholic Lent style.  Each month we will choose some aspect of our life to focus on, one specific lifestyle change we'd like to make, and we will make that change, starting with this month.
This month is diapers.  We've already started making the transition from disposables to cloth, but we can do more to green our diaper change routine.  We stocked up on gDiaper covers a couple months ago and made a few cloth inserts for ourselves.  They were not enough though for 2 kids for half a week.  I took advantage of my mom's serger last week and we now have 60 cloth inserts.  Yippee! (No pun intended, but I did lol at myself).
Downside of the visit to my parents' house: I found out the washers in the basement to our apartment complex are shams.  They just add water, shift things around, spin, add more water, spin again, then ding.  They don't actually clean anything like my mom's fabulous frontloader with the sanitizing, extra rinsing, stain cleaning, 2hr 13min cycle.  Since we can't fly to CA to do laundry twice a week I need to figure out some way to actually get our diapers clean.
Here are my goals for the month:

  • Switch completely to cloth inserts -- no more flushables at day or night, even when I'm feeling lazy :)
  • Devise a night time all-cloth solution for my supersoaker son
  • Switch to cloth wipes
  • Sort out our washing routine -- I feel an experiment with hand washing coming on

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