Monday, May 23, 2011

My Son is Hiding a Water Gun in His Diaper

I swear he just stores it all up in his bladder and lets loose at night.  Its like he's hiding one of those huge Nerf water guns in the folds of his thighs.  gDiapers have been great during the day, but there is a limit to how much you can stuff in them at night, and we've passed that limit.  gDiapers suggests adding a flushie insert to a cloth insert for overnight, and although this works very well I'd rather go all cloth all the time.

I have discovered Fashionably Green Boutique's extra deep gDiaper pouches for Izzy.  They are amazing.  I stuffed two of my homemade inserts in one of these pouches and it lasted Izzy all night long.  I did have to size her up to a L cover, but she's pushing the envelope with the M ones.  And she waddles with her overnight diaper on.  Its adorable.

Johnny has been a problem since he started sleeping through the night.  At first it wasn't too bad.  Then the monsoon came to town.  He would go to bed looking so sweet and wake up looking (and feeling) like we had pulled his diaper out of the river and slapped it on him.  Thankfully he has put on some chunk so he's now in M/L covers, but evidently his chunky thighs are not quite chunky enough for the M/L pouches, including the nice extra deep ones.  We recently won a BumGenius 4.0 at the Great Cloth Diaper Change and it has been working its magic overnight.  Finally a dam for our Amster!  Oh, except for last night.  He's been upgrading his holding tank.  Time to bring out the Zorb inserts.  He's only 3mos so I have a feeling we are headed towards the holy grail of overnight supersoaker shields -- wool covers.  Until then, I'll take the pocket diapers.

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