Monday, May 23, 2011

My Son is Hiding a Water Gun in His Diaper

I swear he just stores it all up in his bladder and lets loose at night.  Its like he's hiding one of those huge Nerf water guns in the folds of his thighs.  gDiapers have been great during the day, but there is a limit to how much you can stuff in them at night, and we've passed that limit.  gDiapers suggests adding a flushie insert to a cloth insert for overnight, and although this works very well I'd rather go all cloth all the time.

I have discovered Fashionably Green Boutique's extra deep gDiaper pouches for Izzy.  They are amazing.  I stuffed two of my homemade inserts in one of these pouches and it lasted Izzy all night long.  I did have to size her up to a L cover, but she's pushing the envelope with the M ones.  And she waddles with her overnight diaper on.  Its adorable.

Johnny has been a problem since he started sleeping through the night.  At first it wasn't too bad.  Then the monsoon came to town.  He would go to bed looking so sweet and wake up looking (and feeling) like we had pulled his diaper out of the river and slapped it on him.  Thankfully he has put on some chunk so he's now in M/L covers, but evidently his chunky thighs are not quite chunky enough for the M/L pouches, including the nice extra deep ones.  We recently won a BumGenius 4.0 at the Great Cloth Diaper Change and it has been working its magic overnight.  Finally a dam for our Amster!  Oh, except for last night.  He's been upgrading his holding tank.  Time to bring out the Zorb inserts.  He's only 3mos so I have a feeling we are headed towards the holy grail of overnight supersoaker shields -- wool covers.  Until then, I'll take the pocket diapers.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Airports are not kid friendly.  Airports are SO not kid friendly.

The kids and I are out visiting my parents in CA for a few weeks and we all flew out with my mom the day of my last exam.  John and I had taken Izzy out to CA last fall and from that trip we figured out a few things, most notably don't try to carry a walking toddler and her infant carrier through an airport.  Izzy had just turned one but was still small enough to fit in her ridiculously huge infant carrier... barely.  We also didn't check any bags.  Big mistake.

So my mom and I remedied these snafus this time around.  We checked one large bag and my mom's rolling bag, took Izzy's toddler carseat attached to this thingamajig, I wore Johnny in his carrier, and my mom and I each carried a backpack.  The Travelmate was wonderful -- Izzy loved being able to be wheeled around the airport in her own carseat.  It even served as her own perfect little seat when we were waiting at the gate.  Downside: we couldn't wheel it down the aisle of the aircraft, so when it came time to board my mom had to lug the carseat down the aisle spewing "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me" at every passenger already seated on the aisle while I lugged the Travelmate and tried to herd Izzy who was obscured from my sight by Johnny into the correct row.

Okay... so really not so bad thus far.  What really bothered me were the mundane silly things.  I was traveling with two kids in diapers, which meant diaper changes were plentiful.  For some reason many airports have adopted the noveau version of the fold down diaper changer: a counter top, often without a lip, and sometimes next to a sink!  Danger Will Robinson!  At least in the womens' restroom in ATL this was set apart from the sinks.  In one of the airports we had a layover in last fall it was not.  Gross.  Next was the lack of kids' meals.  There was a Moe's in ATL near our terminal so we decided to eat there for dinner.  I tried to order Izzy a Moo Moo Mr. Cow.  "What's that?"  Seriously?  They don't do kids' meals.  McDonalds' and Chick fil a might, but fast food gives her the shits, not to mention it should be the food of last resort.  So Izzy ate all the black beans out of my quesadilla.  Yum.  Finally, there is the sheer volume of random people all crammed into one place.  There were people running, walking, and dilly-dallying to and fro, all a very bad scenario for a toddler that wants to run around completely ignorant of whose legs she might be running in to.  Hello stress migraine.  Hello Starbucks.  Nom.

All in all we survived.  We got to CA safely and without major incident, although Johnny managed to completely blow out his diaper, all the way up his back while my mom was holding him.  He took a little bath in the family restroom.  And wore his sister's pants.  Yes, they fit -- kind of.

PS: AirTran doesn't have preferential boarding for families with small children.  Hence my mom smacking many a passenger in the head with our carseat and the both of us holding up everyone else who was boarding while we installed Izzy's carseat.  Boo.  Not traveling AirTran again until they resolve this.  With the exception of the trip back.  Grr.

Edit: E-mailed AirTran about the boarding issue.  It sounds like they have no intention of changing their boarding policies and suggested we check the car seat for our not even 2 year old at the gate next time.  Right.  -.-  BTW, FAA and AAP recommend children under 4 yoa or 40lbs ride in a car seat.  Great advice.


gDiapers are probably the "safest" cloth diaper for a recovering disposable user.  You can choose to use them with cloth full time and have the option of the flushable insert when you just don't feel comfortable using cloth.

Pros: I love that I can rotate two covers for each of the kids all day long.  If a liner gets dirty I just rinse it out, toss it in the laundry, and get a new one.  In addition these are almost blow-out proof.  I remember washing at least one onesie a week when Izzy was in disposables and still EBF.  Johnny has had one total.  What the liner doesn't catch the covers do a good job of catching.  I usually end up cleaning a minimal amount of poop off a cover once or twice a week.  To me that's amazing.  Also, these are pretty trim cloth diapers meaning that pants fit better and my diaper bag is smaller :)  

I love the flushable inserts.  We haven't had time to build up our cloth stash to a reasonable size, so we've been using flushies from time to time and overnight.  They work wonderfully overnight for Johnny when paired with a cloth insert.

Cons: There is a learning curve.  Most notable is figuring out how to fasten the tabs in the back properly when your child is laying on his/her back.  It also takes some practice to figure out how to get the liner to fit properly in the crease of the thigh.  This is very important for preventing leaks and blowouts.  Also, while we've found the sizing to be pretty good on Izzy, we've hit some trial and error with Johnny.  His belly is on the chubby side and while he's outgrown the small covers he's just a tad to skinny around the thigh for the M/L liners to make a good seal.  The result is a lot of leg blow-outs.  We've resolved this by using small liners with medium covers.  Seems to work for the most part.  

Side notes: we made our own cloth inserts and chose not to use the gcloth.  I made some microchamois/microfiber/hemp fleece inserts and after using them for a month they are my least favorite.  I love Johnny's bamboo velour/bamboo terry/hemp fleece inserts.  They are extremely soft.  We also have some of these Zorb inserts by twinkletoesdiapers in M/L and they work beautifully in gDiapers with less bulk.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cloth Diapers and Cookie Monster

When we started thinking about cloth diapers, the first the biggest obstacle we thought about was poo.  Not the nice firm toddler poos, or the still icky but not particularly gross BF poos -- no, it was the soft messy I-really-don't-want-to-touch-that poos that came to mind.
It took a while to get over this, and once we did, we figured cloth diapering would be a breeze.

And then came Cookie Monster.
Some background -- Izzy was very into diaper changes in disposables.  She would run to her room, get a diaper (which requires pulling 3-4 other diapers onto the floor), and the excitedly insist you change her.  Then we got our gDiapers in the mail.  The instant we pulled the diaper out of the package she wanted it on.  We didn't have any inserts, but the person that sent us the diaper included two disposable inserts so we were set for two diaper changes.  And for two diaper changes she was happy.
By the time I finished the cloth inserts we had some new gDiapers.  We went through a few diaper changes just fine.  Then the protests started.  The minute John finished putting on a diaper it was off.  "Tight!"  Izzy protested every single time we put one on. We checked and it wasn't tight -- it was loose.  It was ridiculously loose.  She still cried and protested and yanked it off.  Back to 'sposies :(

We kept trying again and again and eventually Izzy would consent to a cloth diaper change, but only after we "ran out" of disposables.  We kept a couple disposables in the diaper change drawer for night time and one afternoon Izzy pulled a 'sposie out and pointed to the front with a big grin on her face and said "Cookie!".  Cookie Monster was on the front.  At first I was perplexed because Izzy doesn't watch TV and we don't have Sesame Street books.  John had been telling her the name of the characters on the diapers and she fell in love with Cookie Monster.  There are 3 or 4 other characters on the diapers, so the 3-4 she would pull out were the other characters she didn't want.  Goodness.
So I got some iron-ons and ironed a face on one of her gDiapers and flowers on another and now she loves them.  Go figure.

Moral: faces are cooler than pretty colors if you're 18 mos old.

BTW: I'm working on making a Cookie Monster gDiaper.