Saturday, April 30, 2011

No More Dryers

Paying for public laundry sucks.  You are always scouring your apartment for quarters.  Not just any change -- quarters.  And you always seem to run out of said quarters on a Friday after 5pm so you end up in Target in your last pair of kind-of-clean underwear begging them to let you pay for a stupid pack of gum with a $20 bill and two ones so that you can get that gorgeous roll of quarters taunting you from their cashiers tray and maybe have some clean clothes to wear to the play date Saturday morning.
Sorry... I must have gotten carried away...

So John and I decided to go on strike against the dryer.  Its fairly attractive considering it would cut our laundry bill in half, and use less energy etc. etc...  We already had a not so cheap drying rack from  Lowe's that we used for all my clothes that cannot go through the dryer (notice mine... because men's clothes are made to be dried in the dryer with a rabid wolf and still come out perfect).  It looks like this.  Notice how it is small and not cheap.  A couple weeks after deciding to go on strike, we happened to be on an IKEA excursion (1.5 hrs away) and found this beast of drying racks.  We picked up some cute clothespins too -- all for about $25.  We can fit twice as much on our IKEA rack as we can on the Lowe's rack, and we got a second during a later IKEA excursion.  The only downside to the IKEA rack: when we dry jeans on it the rack bends under the weight if we place them at the extreme ends.  It doesn't actually cause a problem -- just worries me XD.

Our racks have all more than paid for themselves by now, although we don't use the Lowe's rack anymore unless its been a while since we've done laundry.  I've also discovered I love the smell of clothes dried outside in the breeze :)  Except when our neighbor is smoking.  Have to watch out for that.

Downside: I have had to learn that clothes will get dry if they are not hung the exact way I would hang them.  Another obsessive tendency uncovered and suppressed.

Bonus: John has yet to shrink any of my non-dryer shirts on accident.  Our laundry routine just became guy-proof.

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