Friday, April 29, 2011


I guess this is the part where my computer should shake your computer's mouse and, in a British accent because it so much more 'proper', introduce itself with a slight bow and flick of the keyboard.

You will find though, that just isn't our style.

What you will find is that we're a little crazy, a little eccentric, and have our own ideas about everything from raising our kids to the world we are raising them in.  And we're hoping we're right about 50% of it at least.  We might write a few product reviews about things we love or hate -- rest assured that they are all unbiased.  If we do write a review on something where there is a conflict of interest (item provided by company/compensated by company/related to company in some way, etc) we will let you know.

Our mantra is stewardship.  C'est en s'oubliant qu'on trouve if you ask me.  Here you will find all the little ways we try our best to take gentle care of what things we've been given, from our old raggedy T-shirts to our children in hopes that you might come away with a few ideas and some inspiration to be a better steward of what you've been given too.

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